Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend warrior. bulletin board.

I needed a bulletin board for my home office. But of course I didn't want to hang a boring plain cork board. That's just not how I roll. So I jazzed it up a little. Here's how I did it...

I started off with gathering my supplies.
~Cork board
~Push pins
~Hot glue gun


Then I cut my fabric about 2 inches bigger than my cork board.


I then placed my fabric upside down and laid the cork board upside down on top of that. Next, I stapled the fabric to the back of the board, starting in the middle of each side, making sure that the fabric is pulled tight.


To make clean corners, I folded them like a present and then stapled them in place.


The board should like this at this point.


I then took ribbon and made a crossed pattern securing the pieces to the back with staples.


Taking my buttons, I hot glued them to push pins.


Then I placed them where the ribbons crossed.


Finally, it can be hung on the wall for all your important notes.


I chose a fabric and buttons that matched my brand. What would you do to make a super chic bulletin board like this one?

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