Friday, March 27, 2009


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tennessee Vacation

Just wanted to show ya'll some highlights from my vacation to Tennessee. We stayed in Seveirville and visited Pegion Fordge and Gatlinburg. Wich is all within 15 minutes of each other.

Thursday we went shopping on the strip in Gaitlinburg.

The mountain view from the hotel.

RainForest Adventures Discover Zoo complete with the Aussie Walkabout (which consisted of 2 kangaroos!) It literally would have take 2 minutes to walk through the whole zoo if we weren't taking pics of everything! Atleast it was free with the hotel.

The view from the side of the road on the mountain.

The view from the tram and Ober-Gatlinburg.

And here some of us goofing off in the car.

Can we go back now????

Design Love

I was just blog hopping and hopped right into Tim Clarke and fell in love. First of all he is absolutely gorgeous. Second of all he has some amazing interior designs. It is sooo me. Anyone want to pay him to design my house? Well I would need a house first, but ya get the point. Tim is a surfer turned interior designer to the stars. His goal is to infuse inspiration drawn from the coastal lifestyle and the essence of the "perfect beach house" into any space, regardless of size or location. And let me tell you, he has done that flawlessly. And the third reason I am in love is due to his online portfolio. It's remarkable. I am taking a portfolio class and we have discussed the "perk" of a digital portfolio and well I want mine just like it. Not his actual designs but the design of the website. Hats off to KAA Design Group, Inc. Tim also has a store in Santa Monica, CA called Tower 20. Anyone wanna go to Cali???

Friday, March 13, 2009

At the zoo. The worlds smallest zoo that is.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tennessee Bound

In about 10 hours Ashley, Shawn and I will be hitting the road to Tennessee for our much awaited vacation. I am so stoked!!!

Sorry I haven't had anything on the blog this week. I have been super busy with starting a new quarter at school and getting ready for vacation. But I have lots to blog about and I will have even more when I get back. I may even do some mobile blogging while I'm enjoying the Smoky Mountains. So stay tuned!

Oh and just because blogs aren't very fun without pictures...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tat tat tat it up

You might have to excuse my extra energy vibe in this post. Monster Energy has gotten the best of me. lol.

A couple of weeks ago my dearest cousin April, my bestie Ashley and I went and got tattoos. It was April's birthday and her first tat. She got her son's name, Hunter, on her wrist. Ashley got her husband's name, Shawn, on hers and I got a turtle on mine.

I got a turtle, well because I love them. I've had several red ear sliders since I was about 15. And I miss the 3 Jack got when we split up. Mommy loves you Squirt, Squirtle and Yurtle! Anywho, I drew my turtle up and took it to David at Inksmith and Rogers and he made it extra awesome!

Here's my drawing...

Image Hosting by

And here's what I got (it's still healing a lil)

Image Hosting by

Sooooo what ya think???

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Cool Spider

I'm not scared of spiders per say but I def don't want them crawling around on or near me. I was recently given the coolest spider ever by my Aunt Sherry. It's a Christmas Spider. Some lady at her work made it. And since I love love love the Florida Gators, this is one rad creepy crawler. Yeah I know what your thinking...Christmas was like 2 months ago. My Aunt has been meaning to give it to me since Christmas Eve. Bless her heart.

Anyways, here it is. I think the lady that made it is super talented. Don't you?

Image Hosting by

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Now if you are like me and were wondering what a Christmas Spider is. Here is the legend.

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

According to Legend, a poor woman had no decorations for her tree. A Spider, which had hidden in her tree to escape the dust mop, watched as the woman prepared for Christmas. As the spider crawled about the tree that night, he left a trail of dusty web. But when the woman awoke on Christmas morning, she found that the dusty web had turned to shimmering garlands of silver.