Wednesday, November 4, 2009

design challenge. typography.

One of my favorite parts of being a designer is the use of typography. There is something about arranging and manipulating typefaces into unique designs with different point sizes and colors that makes me all giddy inside. Typography can be seen just about anywhere. Advertisements, posters, monograms and invitations... just to name a few.


This months design challenge. will be all about Typography. And I want to get you all involved. Each week I will ask you to leave a comment with a word or phrase that you want to see a design around. I will pick my favorite inspiration and the following week post the design.

To get things started, last night I asked Twitter and Facebook friends to give me a word. I got a lot of great words and decided to go with Stephanie's...exhausted.


While designing this I kept imagining myself engulfed in a puffy white linens on a cloud-like bed. Ahhh the relaxation. Notice the subtle words related to exhaustion and relaxation embossed into the crisp background. Doesn't it make you want jump into bed and catch some zzzzs?

Have any inspirations for me next week?

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