Monday, November 30, 2009

design guide.

I like to match. And it has to be a perfect match. I can drive myself crazy running all over town to find the perfect shade of purple shoes to match a purple purse I bought (which I still haven't found!) So when it comes to your branding I think everything should match. And that is often hard when you have a graphic designer create your marketing materials and you want your twitter background to be the same but don't want to fork out the bucks just for a color match. Of course I wouldn't mind doing that for you but I want to make things simple so I created a design guide. I'm offering complimentary design guides with every purchase. Yes, that's right complimentary with every purchase!

Here is what you'll get.

Color swatches with RGB, CMYK and Pantone guide along with fonts all on one easy to reference card.


How bout them apples?

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