Monday, November 23, 2009

Rich Turbin's Logo and Business Card

I got an email from Lisa Cutright of L. Cutright Photography. Lisa is not only an amazing photographer in Hawaii, she is also pursuing a career as campaign manager for Honolulu City Councilman Rich Turbin. Thus the reason for her email. Rich was looking for some tweaking of his existing logo.





The changes started with shortening Richard to Rich and bringing the blue to more "ocean-ly" (as Lisa put it) blue. I then brought the palm tree up and changed the shape to give it balance.

Lisa also needed a business card for Rich with his new logo. Although, she did the design. I helped her out with making it print-worthy.



Lisa-- Thank you for being an awesome client. I can't wait to work with you again. Good luck with your photography and getting the job. You have my recommendation. I'm so jealous you get to take photos in Hawaii. Lucky lucky girl.

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  1. The design looks simply superb. thanks for sharing such a beautiful Business Card.