Thursday, November 19, 2009

october birthday bananza.

I think half the world was born in October which made for a busy month for me. Here's a recap of the designs I did to help the birthday boys and girls celebrate.

Shane turned one on October 1st. His mommy (my bestie) threw a big party complete with a bouncy, cotton candy and monkeys. The colors were yellow, green and brown. Here's the invitation that went out...


And here is the Birthday Card I gave the little cutie...


Ashley's step daughter's birthday is on October 2nd. Autumn turned 13 and had a pink, yellow and zebra slumber party that is sure to be talked about for years. Ashley became the next HWTM for both Shane and Autumn's parties. Here's how the girls got invited...


And here is my birthday wish to her...


Ashley herself (yes she kept me busy) also had a birthday on the 24th. She said she wanted a big check for a million dollars. Of course I couldn't deny her of this.

It was printed on shimmering blue card stock. (Forgot to take a photo.)

Last but not least we had Hunter's birthday. He turned 1 on October 30th. Hunter is my little cousin and couldn't be more adorable. He celebrated with a jungle themed party.

Jungle Scene_Privacy
Yes, I drew the animals!

My card to him...


Don't you just love birthday parties? I know I do. Well at least the cake part. hehe.

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  1. We need to put pics up of the parties! We did a pretty good job! They will only expect more from here on! lol!