Friday, November 6, 2009

blabs. vacation style.

Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk. 3 days till we set sail to the Bahamas! I can hardly contain myself. The excitement is just too much! hehe But I think I will manage.

Don't worry though just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean the blog will be. I have few posts scheduled for your entertainment. And of course I will be posting some of my awesome adventures on here and twitter (if your not following, shame on you.)

I'm not taking my lap-top ( I know, right) so I will definitely be going through Internet withdrawals. But at least I have my cell to get my Twitter and Mobile Blogging fix. I would go completely nuts if I didn't have some form of technology.

There seems to be some other things I wanted to blab about but all things cruise related keep popping to mind. Hmmmm. O'well.

Oh yeah don't forget to comment here with a word to inspire me for this month's design challenge.

Bon Voyage!

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