Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blabs. bahamas recap.

Well, I originally intended to give a play by play on twitter during my vacation. However, lack of service threw that out the window. It was kinda of nice to have a technology detox. No laptop, no cell phone, heck I didn't even know what time it was most of the time.

Needless to say the Bahamas are absolutely amazing. So gorgeous and serene.

We boarded the ship around 12:30 on Monday and had a few drinks. We set sail about 4:30 and it sure was rocking...literally it was rocking. The seas were outrageous. But no sea sickness for me. Can't say the same for Ashley and Shawn though.

Tuesday morning we woke up in CocoCay. Royal Caribbean's private island. Can you say stunning????


And we met some friends along the way...


Just look at that water! We even had a sting ray swim right past us.


The next was spent in Nassau which is equally gorgeous. I ended up spending most of the day alone due a not so funny for my situation but hilarious for everyone else. Yep, I wrecked a scooter. Go ahead laugh it up. I'm not though! Anyways, I took the ferry over to Atlantis and finally got over my anxiety attack when I saw the architecture. Ah-maz-ing!






The aquarium at Atlantis was sooo pretty.




Thursday we were at sea all day at joined some of the festivities on board like Men's Sexy Leg Contest, Women's Bicep Contest, the Casino (totally lost my butt!), Bingo (the same guy won 3 out of 4 games. NOT. FAIR.) and we went to the most hilarious adult comedy act ever! So much fun.

The staff was fantastic! And the food...Oh I think I ate a month's worth of food. It was always at your fingertips and somehow I never felt full. I even tried escargot...and liked it! We ate in the Dining Room every night and Tuesday night was formal night so we got all dolled up.

Our room attendant made us a monkey and a bat. Here's the monkey...


Did I mention we had fun??? I'm ready to go back. Like. Now!

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  1. It was so pretty everywhere but the people around there were something else! lol! Atlantis was freaking awesome though! We need to go again and stay there! Better start saving! lol