Thursday, October 8, 2009

site launch. day 4.

I hope ya'll have been enjoying all the fun giveaways this week. I sure have. So far Tiffanie won custome notecards and Shelly won an Inspiration Book.

Now for today's giveaway. Are you ready for this...

Logo Design!

The logo design is worth $50 and consists of 1 concept and 1 revision!

This is your chance to start your business branding for free. Don't have a business? Personal branding has become all the rage. You can use your logo to show of your style with notecards, personal letterheads and why not put a logo on your resume to make yourself stand out against the masses.

Leave me a comment on what you need a logo for. Winners will be chosen at random on Monday October 12th! Yep, I'm giving you all weekend to enter. Good luck!

You can check out a few logo designs here.

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  1. I would love a personal logo for my husband and I. The funny part is that I do logos all the time for businesses and others, but for some reason, when it comes to my own... I draw a blank. I'd love your help to finally create one, especially with holiday cards getting ready to go out soon!

  2. This is so cool! I am hoping to get started selling my sewing creations (gifts, garments, and accessories made from scraps, leftover fabrics, and upcycled thrift store linens) online and at local craft fairs. I already have a design in mind; I have a vintage tablecloth in the colors and aesthetic I want! It would be so neat to have an original design :) You do great work, thanks for the chance at winning this great giveaway!

  3. I would really love a logo for my new photography business. I am just getting started and I feel like I'm stuck in the never ending cycle of 'what comes first, the blog or the logo' type of mentality. I found your site via David Jay from showit sites! Right now I'm just using my name for my logo. I am trying to get a blog set up, but think I need a logo to put on the blog and incorporate in my watermark. I want to show off my pictures, but not without a watermark (with logo) dilema! It would be awesome to get your creativity on this. Thanks for your consideration!

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  5. I think it is awesome what you are doing with the giveaways! What a great way to get yourself out there and show everyone exacvtly what you offer and how talented you truely are! Your website turned out amazing! I love the creativeness and simplicity of it as well! That is where I need you! LOL It seems to just come to you with ease. I am stuck between here and that next step of moving UP and ON with my wedding/photography business. A great logo is exactly what is holding me up. Once I have one then everything else is in my grasp! Thanks for the opportunity of winning this awesome prize!