Friday, October 16, 2009


It's been a happy week. My mom went on vacation to Pennsylvania so I have been house sitting. It has been nice. Just me and my girl Roxy. Which, by the way, it was Roxy's second birthday yesterday. I treated her to some doggy friendly ice cream. She enjoyed every bit of it.


Speaking of vacations. I am counting down the days till mine. 24 days till I can say Bon Voyage! Bahamas here I come!

Business wise, I finished up a logo design and business cards that I will be revealing soon. I've also been working on all the giveaway prizes. They are turning out oh so lovely. And I love seeing my designs in print. It make everything look so much better.

Earlier this week I came across the most amazing photographer. Clark Little. I am just absolutely blow away by his images. Stunning. I just can't get enough.


Not a whole lot planned for this weekend and I am completely happy with that. Gonna catch the Gator game and go to the Callahan Fair, that's about it. Maybe I can cash in on that rain check that I promised the couch last weekend. That would be nice. You know, because the couch misses me.

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