Wednesday, October 7, 2009

design challenge.

Every month I will be hosting a design challenge. These challenges will be exciting and push me to my creative limits. Each week I will come up with a design that is fitting for the challenge and post it here on the blog. There may even be more than one design a week. Depends on how inspired I am. At the moment I have ideas oozing out of my pours so your definetly in for a treat!
I am uber excited about this month's design challenge. It not only involves pink (my second favorite color) but it is for an excellent cause.

In honor of Breat Cancer Awareness Month I am proud to present...

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For the challenge I will design note cards inspired by the color pink. There will be at least one note card a week. You can purchase these notecards for $15.00 for a pack of 10. All proceeds will go to Pink Initiative to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.

The best thing is that this challenge will never end. I will donate all proceeds from this challenge to breast cancer day in and day out...until a cure is found!

And I have one more deal for you... 10% of the proceeds for ANY order with the color pink in it will be donated to Pink Initiative. Isn't that exciting?!

Now let me tell you a little about Pink Initiative... This non-profit organization is a collection of wedding professionals and private donors dedicated to funding awareness, outreach, education and research for breast cancer. Please check out their website and see all the wonderful things the wedding industry is doing for this cause. It is truly heart warming.

And now for the very first design in my very first design challenge.

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These folded notecards are 4.25" x 5.5". Don't you just love the textured pink and black argyle? I know I do.

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