Friday, October 9, 2009


blabs. A little me time. A little release in this hectic world. A little way for me to come back to reality. Some days I may have a million things to say and some days I might be speechless.

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. The relief of the launch of my website. The excitement of meeting such wonderful people on my blog. {Thanks dearly for leaving comments. They all made me smile.} The exhaustion of juggling two jobs and school. The fear of failure and the pure happiness I felt going through it all. I realized this week that this is my calling in life, at least for now. And with that realization I am going full force and not stopping. I WILL succeed.

This weekend I will be helping my "bestie" with her son's birthday party. Shane just turned one and he is such a little cutie. A handful but a cutie. Ashley has been making awesome decorations for what seems like forever now. Last weekend was her step daughters thirteenth birthday party and she also did the most amazing pink, yellow and zebra decorations ever! As fun as parties are I will sure be glad when I can do a little relaxing. Maybe Sunday...Maybe.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and thank you so much for making this week special. Keep watching out for new things to come and don't forget about the two giveaways that are still going on.

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