Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Thanks everyone who sent me your My Coke Rewards Codes. Unfortunately, the awesome coke bottles are completely out-of-stock. Blah. I was watching several of them on eBay, BUUUT they are all going for waaay more than I want to spend. So o'well, there goes that. Maybe someone will be nice and get them for me as a surprise. (Wishful thinking though.) However, you can still send me your codes so I can be prepared for the next cool thing that comes along. Because I'm positive there will be something else I just have to have. lol.

Anywho, I finished Jane's note cards. They are in the mail. I hope she really likes them and I can't wait to show everyone. But I am going to wait till Jane gets a chance see them first. I know I'm bad, I'm making ya'll wait. hehe.

I start back to class today. I am very pleased with my schedule for this quarter. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Woo-hoo, no Friday or Sat classes. The classes I'm taking are Civil Drafting, Engineering Graphics II (which I just found out is with a professor that I wasn't to fond of in the past) and I have Basic Design Theory and Methods (which I hear is kinda like an Intro to PS kinda class, so I will totally ace that!) I just went through all my classes to see how many I have left and after this quarter I only have 4 classes left! Full time is 3 classes so I'm sure they will make me take 2 and 2 or 3 and 1 so that puts me graduating in May 2009! Maybe they will be nice and let me take 4 classes so I can graduate in March. I think I can handle it. Wish me luck! Oh, and the campus has moved from the west side to the southside so I am happy about that since I live on the southside. It is only a couple of miles away now. I road by there Sunday to check out exactly where it was so I wouldn't get lost on the first day and it looks much nicer.

Oh I almost forgot to tell ya'll. I got my laptop back on Friday. Yay. The hard drive failed so they replaced it. They told me it would be 2 1/2 weeks and they got it back to me in less than 2. Go Geek Squad. Now, I've been trying to get everything back to normal, all the programs and settings that I had. Oh what a task that is. But it's almost done. Does anyone have PS CS3? I've been using CS2 but since CS3 is out I might just get that since I have to load it again.

Well, I think that is it for today, I think. Don't forget to comment so I know you are blog stalking me! hehe.



  1. Hehehehe I can't wait to get them!!!

  2. Ummmm you need to add the "follow" thing to your blog so I can "follow" you... LOL :D