Thursday, September 25, 2008

Need to Vent Before I Explode

Ok so remember the paper I did on David Carson. Well I got it back graded today and the teach completely desecrated it. I am so beyond pissed off right now. He gave me a B and said I was lucky I got that. I know, you are thinking oh wow a B, boo hoo. But I know when I deserve an A and this was an A paper. I think I am more pissed off about the comments he made and how he treated me when I questioned them.

Let me tell you a little about this class and what the assignment was. The name of the class is BASIC Design Theory and Methods and the assignment was to write a 300 word paper on an artist and have a minimum of 1 photo on the cover page and to site your sources.

Well I more than fullfilled the requirements with 4 photos on the cover and some funky typography that I thought fit with David Carson's style and what he is all about. These are the comments I received...

"If the images on the cover are examples of his work---never cover them up with fonts of any kind." ----Now remember David Carson is known for using all kinds of crazy fonts in all different kinds of way and he even covered photos (other peoples art) up with them. Teach said that I ruined the work of the best graphic designer. Now let me remind you that this is a BASIC design class. So I reminded him that art is in the eye of the beholder and that the type was to convey the artists style. Plus I have put font over other works before and had no problems. This isn't my first art class. After all I do have a degree in Fine Art.

"Please reference here and include samples of his work to spread out over more pages." ----- This he wrote at the bottom of my paper. First of all the instruction were to have a photo on the COVER PAGE! and second the Bibliography belongs on a page all on it's own behind the paper. NEVER on the same page as the paper. He tried to tell me that wasn't the case. Now I have had many many classes and I am sure he has to but never in my life has it been acceptable to put the bibliography on the same page.

"I would rather see David Carson."----This he was refereing to the photo of David Carson on the cover that the light fades into the background (see photo below.) Let me add that I had to print this in B&W so it was a little lighter than in color. But anyways this was the artwork of the photographer, that is his style.

"Include date, class, professor name."- Teach never gave these specific instruction at any time and in my experience at ITT Tech none of this was ever required. Sometime I put it on there, sometimes I don't. Never been penalized for it.
Notice, he didn't even comment about the actual content of the paper.

So I argue all these points with teach and all he could do was get an attitude with me and tell me I ruined David Carson's work and if I don't like it go to tell Mr. Hancher. Well that is exactly what I was going to do dude. I have never complained about a grade. But I know when I have been graded ujnfairly and I am not going to sit back and let him ruin my GPA. For all I know he will judge all of my work unfairly. BTW I am not the only one that had complaints about his grading. I even looked at a few other and thought they were graded poorly.

While I'm on a roll here, let me tell you about his teaching skills. They suck. Tonight we were supposed to have an assignment due as we walked into class. It was a room that we had to revamp in PS and add furniture and what not in. Like a good girl I had mine done. When I get to class almost everybody else was starting on theirs, so he decided that it would be due next week. Well that was fine, not everybody is advance as me. But then 2 hours in the class, teach has not taught a thing. He said he would start showing us Illustrator after we got back from out break at 8. He didn't even start until 9 and then he didn't even show us how to do anything. He just randomly clicked on some things and told us that Illustrator was much harder than PS and he wasn't that good at it. Ok dude don't waist my freaking time and money if you don't know how to teach something, don't teach it. Now from what I have heard, teach is supposed to be kind of great graphic artist that has done some great stuff and met some great people and drives this great car. Well I show me! Anywho, just because you are great at something, does not mean that you can teach it. Maybe that is is problem, he has seen such great things that he doesn't know how to grade on a BASIC level. Besides we are going to school for CADD not graphic design. This is just a class to get the concept of graphic design and to be able to use it to highlight our CADD drawings.

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave. Sorry it was so long. Please feel free to comment and if I am wrong about something please let me know.

Oh I almost forgot the Cover Page in question.


  1. ok point noted on the photo of his face... you have PS after you printed it you "could" have brought it down a bit and reprinted...

    The only issues I see with the font is that the FATHER and UN cover up a good bit of that center photo. The Bush cover and photo of him are clear so if you were only required to have one, then you have one that is clear no biggie I wouldn't think.

    Besides the man could have been nicer about it. Like saying the font over the artwork takes away from the artwork you were trying to display and the photo of the artist at the bottom is a bit hard to see. I don't think I would have given you a B on any of that. I mean it's about what you "wrote" about that counts right?? or is it layout skills I'm confused... LOL

  2. It is what we wrote that counted. Atleast that is what he portrayed when he made the assignment. I don't see how he can grade us on layout when we haven't gone over that. Hell we haven't gone over anything. This was assigned the first week of class. It is week 3 now and we still haven't learned anything. I think I have shown other students how to do stuff more than he has. Even if it was about layout it is a Basic class and should not be graded so harshly. I wasn't going for perfection because this isn't a portfolio type assignment in an advance class. I was going for let's get this thing done and maybe show off a little bit.

    His crtitism wasn't constructive at all, like yours (thank you for that.) He was down right mean and rude about the whole thing. And that is what set me off.