Thursday, September 4, 2008


Don't you think it's funny how you hear about something that you rarely do and all of sudden it's everywhere? That's how it has been for me today. I logged onto myspace today and the first bulletin I read was about PCOS Awareness Month. I didn't even know there was a month for it. Then I hop on over to Jess Cumbie's blog because she is doing this "Day in the life of" type blog and low and behold she was discussing her battles with PCOS and how she found an awesome specialist. Just a few minutes ago I was looking at all her comments and was amazed of how many women have this.

This inspired me to tell my story. I too have PCOS. End of 2006, beginning of 2007 I was not having regular fact I wasn't having them at all. So of course I thought I was prego...but after a few tests that wasn't the case. So off to the doc I went. She told me that my insulin was high and that my glucose was normal and that she was diagnosing me with PCOS because that's what they diagnose people when they don't really know what is wrong. Excuse me??? Yeah, I was a little shocked. She gave me birth control to regulate my periods and put me on Metformin. Well, I then had some not so great side effects....going to the bathroom ALOT, if you know what I mean. And I def don't need help with that as it is. So I eventually stopped taking it. I have regular periods and no major symptoms of PCOS. The only thing is that my arms are broke out and I get more blemishes on my face now than I did in high school. But no major acne and nothing like alot of other women are going through. The only thing I worry about, is getting pregnant. Not that I want to be at this moment...but it would be nice to have a piece of mind that I can. Needless to say, after much internal debate I have decided to make an appt with the specialist and the earliest they could get me was on Oct 8th. I have been thinking about seeing another doc for awhile now but Jess gave me that push today, even if that wasn't her intentions. I will keep you updated on the appt when the time comes. Thanks for listening.

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  1. It is crazy how many people have it. A few people wrote me yesterday to tell me pretty much the same thing that you already said. Alot of people have it and think that they are alone and it is something to hide. It's not! It is so much better to talk to people about it. They have to do a couple of tests on me after I have the baby cause of my abnormalities. They don't know exactly what it it yet that I have since they just recently saw the signs of it all during an US that I had to have because of pain and spotting. They tell me that they don't even know how I get pregnant, but I do. I guess that is a good thing that I am as lucky to be one of those people. It runs in my family though. Along with a ton of other not so pleasant genes!Hopefully everything will be ok with you and you will be as lucky as me to be able to still get pregnant too. I have been very fortunate. My boys are def a gift!! So, now you have to keep up those doctor visits and we will hope and pray that you can have a little girl for us to spoil cause I am checking out of the pregnancy game!! Keep us all posted! Love ya!