Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Addicted to COKE!!!!

Coca-cola that is! hehe. If you know me, yo know that I am an avid coca-cola collector. But it has to be stuff for the kitchen or things like bottles and tins. And if you want to know something very very strange....I don't even drink coke. lol. But I love sprite. mmmmm. Soooo onto my most awesome discovery ever!!!! Which I am a little late on! haha. The Coca-cola Aluminum Bottle Collection: WE8. They are so awesome. They were made for the Olympics by Chinese artists. I love them!!! BUT the problem is they are sold out. I'm following a few auctions on eBay but some of them are at $170.00!!!! Wow, can't afford that. They were only $60 for the set to begin with. But there is another way to get them....all I need is 2000 my coke rewards points...Ehhh I only have 326. I have a few more to enter still but it's def not going to get me to 2000. Soooo if everyone gave me all their coke rewards points I will love everyone forever and ever. hehe. I know that there is someone right now about to throw away a coke bottle with the cap on. Code unused. ::GASP:: The codes are on all coke products, whether it is a 20oz, 2 liter, 12 pack....ALL OF THEM!!!! So send me your codes. You can keep the cap, I just want the code. lol. PAAAAALLLLLEASE! :)

Here's what they look like...

Beautiful I know....Codes please! Tell all your peeps to collect them for me too!

Love ya'll.



  1. you are such a damn dork!! And to think you are my BEST friend!! You really should have told me these when I had all of the little bottles of coke and sprite at the house the other day!! DUH!! We will see what we can do!! Love ya!

  2. 96lp 9p6u bjvt i guess that's the thing.. lol i never noticed they were even on the 12 packs i almost threw it away earlier when i opened the sprite