Friday, December 4, 2009

blabs. my new year.

I'm a little early but it's on my mind right now. I'm thinking about what the year as brought me and how things can change in a single instant. This weekend will actually be a year since my "New Year" began. I have been faced with so much. Heartache, emotional roller coasters, soul searching, fear, happiness, travel, friendships, accomplishments. It has been a year like no other. I have learned about myself and what life really means to me and what I want to do. I am still on that journey and I plan to continue to enjoy it. It's been a selfish year. And that's ok. Because you must know yourself and be true to yourself in order to be true to others and be able to give.

As for that "things can change in an instant" thing. Isn't it funny how one minute you can be completely down on your luck and blue and wondering if you will ever find what you are looking for and then the next, well to be honest, completely...ummmm...smitten. Definitely didn't expect that. Can't wait to see what else is in store. And definitely can't wait till the real New Year. In Atlanta.

Happy New Year!


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