Thursday, December 31, 2009

blabs. Happy New Year!

I already talked about My New Year but now it's the real New Year and I couldn't be more excited! I'm leaving for Atlanta in a little over 3 hours! Hopefully, traffic and weather will be good and I will make it there before midnight. And any snow that wants to come can hold off till I'm there and not driving in it. Hello! Florida girl here. But just in case... I have my sweater boots on and ready for it.


So everywhere you look there is "The Best of 2009" so here's mine...

Ten Things that Rocked My World in 2009.

~Getting a tattoo with my cousin and bestie.
~Vacation to Tennessee.
~Cruise to Bahamas.
~Starting Project Management program.
~Launching my website
~Reconnecting with old friends through Facebook and Myspace.
~Every moment I spent with family and friends.
~Meeting new friends via blogging and Twitter.
~Learning more about myself and what I love to do.

I can't wait to Rock 2010. And it's going to be rung in just the right way...

What are your plans?

Talk to you next year! Be safe.

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