Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roxy Star at Dogtoberfest!

What a fun day. Jack, Roxy and I went to Dogtoberfest sponsored by First Coast No More Homeless Pets today. We had so much fun. Roxy got to dress up as an 80's Punk Rockstar! She looked so cute. Rockstar is her nickname, well that and variations like Roxy Star. We made everything from the tutu to the t-shirt to the leg warmers! Well okay we didn't make her beaded necklace and scrunchie to tie the side of the t-shirt with but ya know what I mean. She had her own little couture Halloween costume. She loved it! She also got sooo many good treats and toys. She will be set for a very long time.

Jack and Roxy participated in Klinger's Big Guy with Small Dog Parade. OMG there were some really cute itty bitty dogs! Check out Planet Radio 107.3 website tomorrow for some pics and I believe you will be seeing Roxy and Jack in the Florida Times Union. Not sure. Possibly on too.

We also entered her into the costume contest. She was in the Best Girls and the Most Original Costume categories. She didn't win either but she is a winner in our eyes! :) We had a blast making the costume and at the event. She is so spoiled but she is our little Rockstar!


  1. You're so creative.. I have figured out that I can't make a dog costume to save my life. Well, I'm trying to think of how to make Piglet a pig costume and it's not working. lol

  2. Love her little costume!!!! tooooo cute!!!!

  3. Thanks guys. It took forever to make that little tutu. Everything I did was no sew! I can't sew worth a crap! lol. Tara, I think I saw a pig costume at Target for like $8.00!