Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahhh, Decisions Decisions

So I had my appointment with the PCOS specialist yesterday. It went pretty well except for the fact that I was presented with a tough decision to make.

Let me start by saying the staff was really nice. The nurse took me in and took my vitals and picture. Yeah, picture, that was a new one for me. They didn't leave me waiting around forever, which most doctors do. I didn't have to get undressed and sit awkwardly wearing paper on a cold table until the doc finally had time. Yesterday's appointment was more of a consultation. He discussed the symptoms of PCOS and what I was experiencing and why I was experiencing them. Then we discussed my options in treatment...

The options were based on whether I want to get pregnant or not. Both options include going back on Metformin, which will help with insulin resistance and ultimately help me loose weight. The good news is he prescribed me a different kind that is supposed to be less harsh on my stomach. If I don't want to get pregnant then he will also put me on birth control and a medication for my skin problems. This medication reduces the testosterone in the body so I can absolutely not get pregnant no matter what on this because it will cause birth defects in little boys. Def don't want that! If I do want to get pregnant then he will put me on a oral fertility drug and we wouldn't be able to treat the skin problem which is completely cosmetic. The other option I have is to just walk the line. Take only the Metformin and hope that it will also help with the skin condition and and help with getting pregnant without doubling the chances and the possibility of multiple births.

So, as you see my possibilities are pretty narrow. Right now I am going to walk the line. My mentality on the pregnancy issue is "if it happens, it happens." I don't want to stop it from happening, but I don't know if I am ready to actively make it happen now! And I am not sure that Jack is. I mean we have been together for 4 1/2 years but we are not married nor do there seem to be signs of that happening soon and we are going through a bit of a rough patch. Ugh. So I am getting very frustrated thinking about this. I hate to walk the line because that means that other issues are not being focused on and I hate to just see what happens. Dammit I want to know what happens! I suppose I could go the route of not getting pregnant and focus on me and then a year or longer down the road I could go off the medication and then start trying. But I feel like I am getting old. Haha. I know I am only 24 but waiting a year or more would put me at 25, 26... oh lord that is just too close to 30, and for me that just seems to old to start having kids. And then who even knows how long it will take to get pregnant. What if the pills don't work, what if I have to keep trying all of the other options. That could take years and I don't want to be old and pregnant!

And then of course, I could always go ahead and do the kid thing and then focus on other issues afterwards. Which seems logical. I mean if I focused on me first and then kids, the conditions could come back while I am "trying" and then I would have to do it all over again. And plus I wouldn't expose my body to those medications and then there will be no chance that it could even be a factor in the health of my children. Of course, I would be off the medication for a while before I even start to try. But am I ready to have kids...better question are WE ready have kids??? Ughhh. My head is spinning. So many points. I could argue either way to I am blue in the face!

But for now I suppose I walk the line until I, I mean we, figure it out. I have to go back for blood work and some prenatal test to make sure I am healthy enough to have kids. But they want me to come back while it's that time of the month. Yeah I know...I can see the bitchiness that day has to hold. Oh and I can't even start the Metformin until after the blood work. I was also prescribed a prenatal vitamin just in case I do become pregnant while walking the line. My next appointment with the doc will be in 2 months. So maybe the results of the blood work will help with some decisions. Maybe a fairy godmother will come in and make my decisions for me! haha! Fat chance. I girl can dream, can't she?


  1. who did you see... and did you go to the same place I did...

    I say take what they want you to take. when you are ready to get preggers they can make it happen for you!

    just think we'll be starting all this crap around the same time... maybe we can encourage eachother to lose the weight and keep to some semblance of a diet... :D

  2. Jess- I went to the same place you did. I saw Dr. Freeman. Thanks for the advice. We can def help each other stay on track. I know I will need all the help I can get. I sure do love my carbs! lol. Have you seen the dietician yet?

  3. I'm planning to go there next month and see what they can do for me! Yippee! I'm glad I'm not in it alone!