Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Cool Spider

I'm not scared of spiders per say but I def don't want them crawling around on or near me. I was recently given the coolest spider ever by my Aunt Sherry. It's a Christmas Spider. Some lady at her work made it. And since I love love love the Florida Gators, this is one rad creepy crawler. Yeah I know what your thinking...Christmas was like 2 months ago. My Aunt has been meaning to give it to me since Christmas Eve. Bless her heart.

Anyways, here it is. I think the lady that made it is super talented. Don't you?

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Now if you are like me and were wondering what a Christmas Spider is. Here is the legend.

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

According to Legend, a poor woman had no decorations for her tree. A Spider, which had hidden in her tree to escape the dust mop, watched as the woman prepared for Christmas. As the spider crawled about the tree that night, he left a trail of dusty web. But when the woman awoke on Christmas morning, she found that the dusty web had turned to shimmering garlands of silver.

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