Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Design Love

I was just blog hopping and hopped right into Tim Clarke and fell in love. First of all he is absolutely gorgeous. Second of all he has some amazing interior designs. It is sooo me. Anyone want to pay him to design my house? Well I would need a house first, but ya get the point. Tim is a surfer turned interior designer to the stars. His goal is to infuse inspiration drawn from the coastal lifestyle and the essence of the "perfect beach house" into any space, regardless of size or location. And let me tell you, he has done that flawlessly. And the third reason I am in love is due to his online portfolio. It's remarkable. I am taking a portfolio class and we have discussed the "perk" of a digital portfolio and well I want mine just like it. Not his actual designs but the design of the website. Hats off to KAA Design Group, Inc. Tim also has a store in Santa Monica, CA called Tower 20. Anyone wanna go to Cali???

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