Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh The Insanity

So I realize I haven't posted much on here lately. Life has been absolutely crazy. A lot has happened in the last month or so that has caused my life to take a 180.

Remember my posts on PCOS? I went to The Center for Polycsystic Ovarian Syndrome that Jess Cumbie raved about. They sent me for blood work and the results came back that I have Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. Both are borderline. I was sent to see my GP and she put me on Metformin and Synthroid. She also wanted to put me on Actos. Well I started taking that last week and on Wednesday I started to itch all over my body. I didn't have any marks or anything just uncontrollable itching. So I called my doctor and told her and she said to stop taking it for a week and then start again. So I will start that again tomorrow morning and let you know later how that works out.

I also went to the dietitian. She put me on a low glycemic index diet. Which is really interesting. The Glycemic Index is based on carbs that raise your blood sugar. I can eat anything on it that has an index below 60, which means that it doesn't raise your blood sugar too much. I was surprised to see some of the foods that I can eat. Like cheese pizza, chicken nuggets and even candy bars. But the candy bars can only be eaten sparingly. Because of the empty calories. I also have to control my portions and eat 6 small meals a day. I find that to be really hard. I don't like to stop my busy day to eat a snack. But of course, I don't mind eating when I'm bored. lol. But I am learning to eat the right foods and to make better decisions. My first goal is to loose 12 pounds, 1-2 pounds a week. I am in my 4th week and I think I have reached my goal. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of days but I know I have lost at least 10 pounds. Go me! lol. I go back for a check up tomorrow afternoon. So we will see for sure where I am at and what my next goal is. I have also had to write down everything I have eaten. I mean everything. So hopefully she doesn't get too disappointed in my with the occasional slip. But there hasn't been too many of them. Oh, I almost forgot I have completely cut out Sprite. And that is soooo hard for me since I am addicted to the stuff. I have been meaning to try Sprite Zero to see if I like the taste but I have my doubts. Ok need to stop talking about that cause I really want one now. :)

I also have a doctors appointment tomorrow to do an ultra sound on my right breast. I have a mass that has been there for years and my old OBGYN wasn't too concerned about it. He just said that we need to watch it. Well I went to a new doc and she wants to make sure. I am sure it is nothing but keep you fingers crossed just in case.

I am also supposed to be exercising 3 times a week for 20 minutes. But not for weight loss purposes just for the whole heart healthy purpose. With having PCOS it is hard to loose weight and exercise does not do much for me. I haven't really started a routine yet since I have been super busy moving. Which was a hard core workout in itself.

Ahhh. Moving. That leads me into the drama. lol. My boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, Jack and I have broken up. It has been in the making for a long time now. I wasn't really happy with his habits. Not to say I am perfect, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I know there is someone out there that will make me feel like I am the only one that matters, someone that I can also feel the same way about. My fairytale is out there somewhere. Hopefully. But for now, I will just be me. Well me and Roxy. I got to keep her. Jack got the turtles. Which I will miss dearly. But it is for the best. It is hard for me to keep them clean by myself. I am going to focus on myself and get my life in order and where I want to be. I moved in with my Aunt Angie for now. I have only been there for 3 days now so I am still adjusting and getting settled in. She isn't charging me a whole lot so I get to save some mula up so I can get on my feet. It is also helping her out a lot. It has been hard for me the last week. It is a big adjustment. You live with someone for so long you get used to doing certain things together and having a routine. Well that has been totally wiped away and I am still figuring out how to be just me. But I can do it. I am strong.

Well with all these health problems and breaking up and moving that brings me to An Occasional Design. Yeah the whole reason for this blog. My business. My outlet. Unfortunately, with moving in with my Aunt I also lost an office so it will be hard to continue doing what I do. But I am not giving up completely. I am actually working on a whole new restructuring of the business. New logo. New designs. New everything for a new me. I will be focusing on more digital work than handmade items. I am going to really tap into my graphic design background and take charge with as much creativeness as possible. I can't wait to get things rolling. Don't forget to check back for some updates and sneak peeks. Also, I wanted to give all my Myspace buddies a heads up as to why I haven't been on too much lately. It's because I have been blocked from Myspace and Facebook and my "day" job. No, it wasn't me being logged in all day that caused the block. It was a company wide block that spans over the country so I am sure I was not the only one abusing their privileges. However, I do still check everything. So keep sending me some love. I need it. lol. I can also still access my email. So, if you wanna chat. Hit me up!

Oh. I also wanted everyone to know that I officially have 6 months left in college and I got straight As last quarter. Woo-hoo.

Well, know that i have written a short novel about my last couple of months. I will go now. Remember that this is not the last of me. Keep checking back for An Occasional Design. ;)



  1. I go see the dietitian tomorrow maybe we'll see each other there! this is my first trip so I'm expecting to get my diet and exercise quota! Yay!!! I can't wait honestly! I'm determined to actually do it, which is a first for me! I've decided to put the same mind I have for my business into my health...

    I'm glad to hear about your new starts, it's exciting to start all over and do something new... at least I always thought so, I enjoy re-inventing myself from time to time!

  2. Jess- Maybe we will see each other there. My appt is at 2:00. I think. I need to double check that. lol. The dietician there is super nice.

    I think it is exciting to start over too. I can't wait to see what the future holds. But I am also scared to fail again. But this time I will not settle for anything less than the best. :)