Tuesday, January 5, 2010

monthly goal meetup. january.

The Monthly Goal Meetup has found a new home at Athena Dreams. Liz has some exciting things under way for the group, which will now be called The Meetup, including a private Facebook page as well as a list on Twitter where advice, tips and general conversation can take place.

To participate in the meetup:

-Post a list of your business related goals for December, along with your checked off November goals if you'd like, on your own blog.

-Come back here and leave a link to your post in the comments (*If you don't have your own blog to post to, feel free to just leave your list of goals right here in the comments to play along!)

-Then, check out everyone else's lists as they leave comments here- click their links, hop to their blogs, say hello, meet and greet and support each other because that's what it's all about! And if you've participated before, maybe try to say hi to a couple new participants you're unfamiliar with this time around.

So my goals for December where somewhat tackled but mostly they evolved into new goals...

December Goals:

1. Complete listings on Etsy.--Decided not to go the way of Etsy. Looking into other options.
2. Design sample wedding paper suite.--Mostly designed. A few more pieces left.
3. Design wedding marketing brochure.--Decided to include the wedding paper suite into a marketing packet instead of a single brochure.
4. Mail marketing postcard to small startup businesses.--Still gathering a list.

Now onto January:

1. Finish wedding paper suite and send to printer.
2. Design the rest of wedding marketing packet, print and assemble.
3. Get some sort of shop going.
4. Make a Facebook fan page.
5. Update website.
6. Small Business Marketing.
7. Work on a project that I am super excited about but I'm keeping my mouth shut at the moment until things progress!

OK! Well I just realized I have a busy busy busy month ahead of me and hopefully I won't end up adding all this stuff to next month.

::My eyes are crossing now::

What are your January goals?

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  1. So do you have other places that you are looking into for a shop? And if so can you share your process of making the decision? That would be wonderful! Have a great January Amanda!

  2. I'm looking into CafePress. I'm more about selling my designs...whether they are on a t-shirt, mug or notecard, doesn't matter to much too me. So with CafePress I can put my designs on my shop and have the customer choose what they want it on. I haven't had much luck with Etsy and don't want to have a bunch of designs printed up and not sell them. So with CafePress I don't have to print anything. They do it when it sells. Plus I got a 5 year supscription with my new Wacom tablet. Bonus!

  3. Good luck for your Jan goals! OOh, hope you love your new Wacom tablet too! Let us know how you like CafePress!

  4. I too have a wacom and love, LOVE it. Just wished I used it more then I do now, goal for Feb? Cafe press is an great idea. My goal is to get my paintings on lots of things as well, I may try that route someday. Good luck this month!

  5. Ambitious goals, Amanda! Good luck with them all.

    I have a tablet too (older model--Wacom Graphire 3) that I use infrequently. But I am going to take a class to utilize it more. If anyone is interested, the class is here http://bit.ly/8gi1kw

  6. I will keep ya'll informed with how CafePress goes. Thanks for all the encouragement! And thanks for sharing that class Cyn. I def need it.