Thursday, July 23, 2009

An unlikely place to find inspiration...

Ok, so I am doing my daily blog stalking and come across "Not Just CAD!- Shaun Bryant's CAD Blog!," and found a little inspiration from his post "Quick Tip for all CAD users!: A Man on the Moon - Scott Sheppard (Autodesk)." While Shaun usually adds a personal touch to his blogs, I read them for the great tips related to AutoCAD. So I wasn't expecting this kind of inspiration, an inspiration on a level much more than business, but on a deeper level that got me thinking.

Shaun said,

"Mankind has many faults. One of which is to get down when the going gets rough. Watching "Moonshot" the other night (a TV dramatization of the moon landing), I realised that people died to get us on the moon. They died for a cause and we all have a cause. That cause is to be remarkable and make a difference. All of the team involved in the first manned moon landing of Apollo 11; engineers and astronauts alike, believed in their cause and so should we all. Even if it is just to get by in such difficult times. It is tough out there right now but things will improve and things will change. Just believe in yourself like those guys at NASA did. You never know what might happen!"

He's right, you never know what might happen and you do have to believe in yourself. I have my moments when I second guess everything and I am not very confident in my abilities or that I can make it in the design industry. I get frustrated when I don't get an instant response and I get frustrated because everything is all new to me and I'm kinda blind going in. But I have to remember that I have a great support system. I have family, friends and mentors that are all behind me. They believe in me, so I have to believe in myself. I have to learn not to let trips become falls. And if I do fall, I have to get back up and try again. And again. And again. Whatever it takes. So, I'm here to say I believe in myself! And if you're in the same boat as me, I hope you believe in yourself too.


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