Friday, August 29, 2008

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

First off...I want to thank everyone who participated in my poll for Name That Invitation! Contestants and voters alike! It was such a success with 86 votes. And boy was it a close race! So let me announce the BIG WINNER!

With a total of 29% of the votes the winner goes to.... Jane!!!

She submitted "The Terra." Terra meaning Earth...which is so fitting of the invitation. And for the prize, Jane will be getting a custom handmade set of note cards! Congratulations Jane!

I would also like to thank the runners up!

Coming in close second with 27% of the votes, Ashley with "The Love Knot."

Taking third place with 26% of the votes, Jess with "The Fay."

Fourth place went to Liz with "The Autumn," taking 10% of the votes.

And last but never least, was Stacey with "The Fall N' Love" with 8% of the votes.

All of the suggestions were so wonderful! Thanks again everyone.

Now, there is one thing I didn't reveal....there's more to the invitation. Take a look at the ads for The Terra!

Awww. I'm gushing like a proud parent. hehe.

Thanks once more! Love ya'll!


  1. So you have the names of the first and third place winners, but not the second?? How rude!

  2. Ummm...hello!!! I have them all! Look again!

  3. man I can't see that crap it's too small! lol!! I was just pickin anyways!! Calm down woman!! Don't get so hyped up!! :)

  4. Girl those are killer!!!! I didn't know that meant earth... LOL so I guess Jane thought of the "green" name... I tried, but just couldn't think of a name other than the storm... LOL I like the whole set!!!! the ad is awesome...

    ps with this width on your blog you can do a 680px width on your photos save them to photobucket and then paste the html on your blog stuff... then you'll get larger photos like me :D

  5. PSS I should get you to design some ads for me! LOL

  6. Ash- Your such a goof ball!

    Jess- Thanks! I had the photos saved as Medium and actually just realized you couldn't read them very well. I set them to large now so they are a little better. Darn picturetrail where I have them uploaded at isn't working for me today! Oh and I would love to design some ads for you. Graphic Design was my major. But I'm still learning alot of stuff in photoshop and got a lot more too learn!

  7. THANK YOU!!!! Amanda & for everyone that voted!!! Im sooo excited!!!!

    The whole set rocks!! Great job Amanda, you are very talented!!